Essay by Kellen Warner


Kidney Disease

I will explain how something has changed in my life. Also how this event shaped the way I look at things in a different way. The thing that has changed in my life is I was diagnosed with a kidney disease. My family is worried and now they’re getting the hang of it. It is rare and only hundreds of people have it, not a lot. I’m very sad, and hope I can live through it.

The disease changed my life because I’ll have it for the rest of my life unless they find a cure for it. I can’t have certain foods or drinks. Anything that has high sodium or sugar I can’t have. In November or December, I will get another biopsy. I’m getting another one, because they need to see if the medicine I’m taking is working. I hope I will not have this for the rest of my life.

The positive thing about the disease is I can still play what I love, sports. The day after my first biopsy, I asked the doctor, “Will I be able to play sports.” He said, “Yes.” That yes gave me a sign of relief. It was like, “Boom!” Everything would be back together besides my kidneys. I can still have some of the food and drinks I love, just not a lot of them.

It is discomforting when I see my friends, other people, or commercials when they show the foods and drinks I can’t have. I’m not telling everyone to join and do the same thing as me, but honestly, “I wish this never would have happened to me.”

I feel emotional, like I’m about to cry. It’s something my family and I didn’t see coming. So far, I have lived through it, and I’m doing pretty good they think. I just hope everyone can help me through this. This disease is something that has changed my life. My family will help me. I especially know my friends will help me. I know they will because my friends and family care for me. They don’t just leave me alone. They want to see what’s going on. I think I’ll live through it and I hope I don’t have it for the rest of my life.